Beware Alarmist Believers


Letter, Australian Financial Review

2nd March 2007

(words in square brackets deleted by Ed)


Your report of [Sir] Arvi Parbo's address at the launch at Parliament House in Canberra of Nine Facts About Climate Change by Ray Evans was remarkable for its inaccuracy and neglect of important points made by him and others in question time ("Parbo feels the Icy Blast", 1 March).


True, Parbo did say that global cooling could not be ruled out. But, contrary to [the impression given in] your report, that was not his main message.


The thrust of his remarks was to question the apparent certainty with which some scientists (and other "believers") have accepted that global warming is primarily caused by fossil fuel emissions and that, if allowed to continue, this poses a serious threat to life on this planet.


He and others pointed out that many questions have been raised about the basis of this analysis but that the reluctance of the 'believers' to respond, and attempts to malign some questioners, suggests an approach that mis not scientific.


Your report also failed to mention the presence of several prominent scientists.


Their presence, and the growing number of scientific and other questioners, confirms that there is no scientific consensus on the warming danger.


Equally, as evident from various comments at the launch, there is serious concern that governments may respond to the alarmist believers by taking action that would have major adverse effects on the competitiveness of Australian industry.


A much more thorough examination is needed of the scientific and other bases of the alleged warming danger.