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Assessment of the Answers by Climate Minister Wong to Senator Fielding's Questions
compiled from various sources 3 July 2009

At the bottom of this article are links to the complete assessment of the answers by Climate Minister Wong to Senator Fielding's 3 questions by Bob Carter, David Evans and Bill Kininmonth, plus two covering press releases. The answers provided by Minister Wong have allowed these four experts to expose the very serious deficiencies in the key arguments used to support the science by the IPCC and its supporters. To my mind, it is impossible to believe that any serious person could now any longer argue that this science forms a credible basis for a policy to reduce CO2 emissions.

Des Moore
Institute for Private Enterprise

Following here is a brief summary by Professor Carter of  the last 3 weeks of the activities of Senator Steve Fielding in Australia:

After attending the Heartland-3 climate conference in Washington in early June this year, Steve returned to Australia and asked Climate Minister Penny Wong three simple questions about climate change.

The Minister replied, first in a meeting at which her Chief Scientist (Penny Sackett) and departmental science adviser (Will Steffen) presented a briefing paper, and secondly in writing.

Senator Fielding then asked his advisory scientists – Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks and Bill Kinimonth – to perform an audit of the Minister’s replies to his questions.

Copies of Senator Fielding’s original questions, Minister Wong’s written reply, and other papers relevant to the matter are available for download here.

And Senator Fielding’s summary of the results of his discussions with Minister Wong can be found here.. 

The Due Diligence Paper has been released publicly by Senator Fielding’s office today (July 3). It shows, first, that the Minister and her Department have largely been unable to answer the questions that they were asked. And, second, that the Australian Department of Climate Change has little capacity to assess the science of global warming in an expert, knowledgeable and independent way.

We believe that this is the first time recently that a member of a western parliament has released a public document that makes an independent science assessment of the danger of human-caused global warming (as promulgated by the IPCC), thereby demonstrating (i) the lack of empirical evidence that carbon dioxide emissions are damaging to the environment, and (ii) that ETS are unnecessary.

However, though raising the issue in parliamentary context may be new, our general conclusions are most certainly not, for many other qualified scientists have reached them too; for example, the two independent assessments that have been provided recently by Craig Idso and Fred Singer (NIPCC), and Alan Carlin (EPA):

Given the large costs and the industrial and social disruption that established ETS are already causing - for example in Europe, and which will be added to greatly should similar bills pass parliament in Canada, Australia, N.Z., USA and elsewhere - we ask for your help in giving our Due Diligence document wide promulgation.

Bob Carter       

Senator Steve Fielding - Press Release 3 July 2009:
New Report Questions Government's Science

Carter, Evans, Franks & Kininmonth - Press Release 3 July 2009
Due Diligence on Minister Wong’s Climate Answers

Carter, Evans, Franks & Kininmonth - Full Assessment 3 July 2009:
Due Diligence on Minister Wong’s Climate Answers

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