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Courtesy of Mark Durie (and others), I have now obtained the attached copies of the text of Wilders speech on 19 Feb in Melbourne and of the Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding. As mentioned in yesterday’s message, the latter seeks, in effect, to propose to followers of the Muslim religion that they sign up to the values set out in the charter. It was compiled by a chap called Solomon, who is a convert from Islam to Christianity.

In some respects the charter is the most important product of the Wilders visit. That is not to belittle the influence of his speech. But the charter has the potential to have more influence over the longer term.

Nor is it to overlook the important analysis in the book by the Reverend Mark Durie on The Third Choice - the three choices for those living in a Muslim country being Islam, Dhimmitude (quasi-slavery) and Freedom (escape). Dr Durie is vicar of St Mary's Anglican Church in Caulfield, Victoria and has experienced the behaviour of Muslim communities in the region of Aceh, Indonesia.

I would also draw your attention to the excellent article in today’s Australian by Mervyn Bendle. Among other things, Bendle points to the sharp drop in fertility rates of Muslim women. This suggests much less influence today of religion amongst younger women of that faith. A hope for the future but one that does not eliminate the threat to Western society.

I understand that The Australian will be publishing in its Weekend edition more material on the Wilders visit. The Australian has also published numerous letters on the visit. By contrast none have been published in The Age.

Des Moore

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