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Today’s interview by Andrew Bolt with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd confirmed the lack of substance of the latter in dealing with major policy issues. Thanks to Bolt’s preparedness to intervene (quite a contrast with ABC interviewers of ministers) Rudd also failed in his attempt to talk his way through the interview.

On boat refugees, Rudd told us to wait and see if his PNG policy stops the boats and rejected any idea of naval action to do so.

On climate change, he made several comments suggesting a lack of understanding of his own policy and of the policies and attitudes of overseas countries:

Rudd adopted a strategy in the interview of arguing that policies have had to be changed because “the world has changed”. But he fails to recognise that the change in our refugee world reflects disastrous policy changes under the Labor government or that the failure of predicted changes in the climate world requires changes (reversals) in emission reduction policies.  

Des Moore  

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