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Fielding’s climate check wants backing
letter published in The Australian Financial Review, 18 September 2009

The inspiring farewell speech in parliament by former opposition leader, Brendan Nelson, has led to increasing numbers within the Coalition advancing the revolutionary idea that the Liberals need to be “standing for something”.

Under the Liberals’ existing leadership what that something might be remains unclear.

Can I suggest that, on the issue currently subject to most dissent – possible emissions reduction policies - the coalition give serious consideration to the proposal by Senator Fielding’s four expert advisers on climate change. Their proposal is for an independent inquiry to be held into the scientific basis for such policies.

It is astonishing that, particularly given Ross Garnaut’s assessment that there are “large uncertainties in the science”, no such inquiry has been held.

Fielding’s four expert advisers point out that “proper due diligence … can only be achieved where competent scientific witnesses are cross-examined on oath and under strict rules of evidence”.

The national interest requires that, instead of flying blind, due diligence  be done.

Des Moore
Institute for Private Enterprise
South Yarra Vic

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