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It is difficult to keep up with reports of terrorist threats and activity and the wake up calls about inadequate counter-terrorist policies. This morning an arrest was made in Sydney’s west of a man who has threatened violence against Australia’s armed forces (it appears that this is not the first time he has done this).

Today’s The Australian also contains several references to terrorism and how it might be handled. Apart from publishing my letter on the Obama statement (below), the following references warrant attention.

Obama's 'ambivalence'
(Letter published in The Australian, 28 May 2013.)

YOUR editorial ("Mr Obama's war on terror", 27/5) suggests that President Barack Obama's speech on counter-terrorism policy displays "profound ambivalence" about the war on terror.

In reality that speech is extremely worrying because it utterly fails to identify that the underlying causes of almost all acts of terrorism derive from Islamic beliefs and preaching.

Moreover, Obama not only announced a tightening of restrictions on the activities of counter-intelligence agencies, he failed to react to the widespread and seemingly justified extensive criticisms of his administration's handling of the Boston and Benghazi bombings by religious extremists.

This is of serious concern for Australians as well as Americans. If the President of the leading and strongest country in the world is unable to adequately respond to the sources of terrorist activity worldwide, in due course we will experience a more serious problem than we did in World War II.

Des Moore, South Yarra, Vic

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