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Itís difficult to discern the budgetís economic benefits
(Letter published in The Australian, 17 May 2013.)
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Budgets usually have meaningful economic objectives as well as the customary political ones. But this year it is more than usually difficult to discern possible economic benefits and Julia Gillard has effectively admitted her “who we are” budget has almost  entirely political objectives [Nikki Savva, Commentary, 16 May].\

This provides the Opposition with increased opportunities in the election campaign to emphasise the prioritisation of economic objectives in framing Commonwealth expenditures and taxation.

It also opens the way to emphasise other economic objectives that might otherwise have been passed by. Your reports today suggest that leading industrial relations reformer, Peter Reith, [and CEO of AMMA, Steve Knott,] recognises that reductions in union powers are now feasible political objectives and necessary economic ones too. The same applies to the need to adopt efficient energy policies beyond elimination of the carbon tax. 

Des Moore
South Yarra Vic

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