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Rudd’s ministers must go nuclear
letter published in The Australian Financial Review, 14 December 2009

Tony Barrell claims (“Moore than enough”, Letters, December 2) that I incorrectly said that a new generation of mini-nuclear power plants is “now available overseas”. What I actually said was that “overseas reports suggest that within five years mini-nuclear power plants will likely be available on an economic basis” (Letters, October 13).

That remains a real possibility, as can be seen from the website of the World Nuclear Association where it is indicated that, in addition to the (relatively) small pebble-bed uranium power plants used in South Africa and China (not to mention the nuclear powering of warships), other less expensive small plants are being developed.

Tony Abbott as the new leader of the Coalition, has said he would like to have a debate about the possible use of nuclear power and has pointed out that Resources Minister Martin Ferguson has said it should be considered.

Given the extensive use of nuclear power overseas, it is little short of pathetic that Kevin Rudd and his green ministers are not prepared to consider it.

Des Moore
Director, Institute for Private Enterprise
South Yarra Vic

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