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letter published in The Australian, 8 April 2010
[square bracketed sections omitted by Editor]

Kevin Rudd has appointed a population minister to “consider the social and economic infrastructure to support a growing population”. But as Paul Kelly points out (“Rudd moves to defuse growing population issue” 7/4), the projection to 2050 of nearly 36 million implies a slower growth than in the past 40 years during which Australia experienced a big increase in living standards without such a minister.

Moreover a committee already exists to consider state infrastructure proposals and to advise on their merits or demerits.

The new minister is, in reality, a diversion from an immigration policy that is now an almost open slather. [Not only do we have dubious asylum seekers jumping the very large queue of UN refugees but the “regular” immigration policy is also adding to numbers almost regardless of quality]. Australians don’t like welfare migrants.

[Serious security questions also exist regarding some entrants, particularly from countries having a dominant Islamic religion. Australians want to avoid the domestic security threats European countries are experiencing]

Des Moore
South Yarra Vic

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