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Multiculturalism is a relative, not an absolute good
letter published in The Australian, 1 August 2011
[Square bracketed section omitted by Ed]

Your editorial (30/31 July) correctly points out that the lone act of terrorism in Norway is in an entirely different league from the serious threat from organised Islamist terrorism supported by rogue states. But the director of ASIO has recently indicated that non-state terrorism by Islamic extremists is also a major on-going threat to Australian security.

[Neither the government nor the opposition can be regarded as adequately addressing this home grown threat. That has even included an attempt by one group in Australia to implement a shooting rampage similar to that undertaken in Mumbai. As demonstrated by the laxity in peace loving Norway, public attention needs to be drawn to the on-going potential (and actual) threats from non-state terrorism at any time.]

Of course, we must continue to have a net immigration policy. But much greater attention needs to be paid to the background of those becoming permanent residents. Australia functions on the basis of western values that must not be overlooked in our immigration policy.

Des Moore
South Yarra Vic.

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