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Itís good to see the IPCC reviewing weather events
letter published in The Australian, 21 November 2011
[Square bracketed sections deleted by Ed.]
Quotes of Pachauri and IPCC are from IPCC press release.

It is encouraging to learn that a group of scientists has advised the IPCC that “great uncertainty remains” about the possible effects of climate change on extreme weather events. Even IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri indicates the report’s insight relates to “disaster risk management and adaptation” and he makes no claim that it suggests temperatures are projected to increase to dangerous levels. The IPCC also acknowledges that “a lack of direct observance and a lack of agreement in the available scientific studies” means there is only “medium confidence” about possible changes in most extremes.

[Surprisingly, your report sought no comments from Australia’s much respected sceptical scientists, especially Professor Bob Carter whose outstanding book argues for climate policies to focus on hazard management for all climate change, based on adaptation responses that are tailored for individual countries or regions.Those scientists have long argued that the many uncertainties surrounding IPCC analyses, acknowledged in scientific sections of its reports but not in the politicised summary sections, do not support urgent action to reduce CO2 emissions.]

You quote Climate Change Minister Combet claiming the report supports the view that “the risks of climate change ...are serious and grow rapidly with each further increase in temperatures”. Such claims suggest it is time to transfer him to a portfolio where he would have to face realities, [such as the absence of any significant change in temperatures in recent years].

Des Moore, South Yarra, Vic

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