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Rudd made ETS about politics rather than policy
letter published in The Australian, 30 April 2010
[square bracketed sections omitted by Editor]

You correctly point out that, after the Copenhagen [flop], a “calm review” was needed (“So that’s what he meant by a great moral challenge”,28/4). Now more than ever such a review is needed if business is to have [(as you say)] “the security needed to ensure investment in the coal and energy sectors”.

[And a review must examine the scientific claims still being used to justify reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. As highly respected professor of meteorology at MIT, Richard Lindzen, points out in his article (“Alarmists Keep Ringing the Bell”, 24 April), many flaws in the science have been revealed since the last report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007.]

An independent review now would provide a basis for a new climate change policy that allows business to invest without facing the risk of flawed [government emissions reduction] policies.

Des Moore,
South Yarra Vic  

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