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The Heartland Institute's International Conference on Climate Change

The IPE is sponsoring the Heartland Institute's International Conference on Climate Change in New York from 8-10 March 2009 to facilitate the sharing of information among climate experts and generate international media attention to the fact that many scientists believe global warming is not a crisis.


Political prejudice in the media has made the net an indispensable alternative to those seeking an honest view of current events. It saddens me to say that there is not a single mainstream Australian newspaper or magazine that I could recommend for honesty, intregrity, an absence of prejudice or respect for the truth. There is not one that is worthy of the the public's trust. Ideology has brought the media in to justifiable disrepute — and that has now made it a danger to democracy. At least now we have an alternative.

Quadrant Magazine   Quadrant Magazine. Published continuously since 1956, Quadrant is Australia's leading journal of ideas, essays, literature, poetry, and political and historical debate. This link is to the online version of the magazine.

The H R Nicholls Society. A society dedicated to the reform of Australia's Industrial Relations System.

The Bennelong Society Inc. The Bennelong Society was established to promote debate and analysis of Aboriginal policy in Australia, both contemporary and historical.

The New Zealand Business Round-Table. is a strong supporter of free markets and less government intervention.

The Washington Times. Probably America's leading conservative newspaper.

The New Australian is a weekly publication and Australia's first online free market magazine. Its politics are classical liberal and its economics is from the Austrian School. It also covers a wide range of economic and political topics from the USA and Asia. The style is highly polemical, some might even call it provocative.

The Media Wall of Shame. Produced by The New Australian it contains a large and ever-growing number of highly detailed articles criticising newspapers and particular journalists. Instructive and yet depressing. So far, not one newspaper or journalist has challenged its facts or conclusions. That in itself is instructive.

The Drudge Report.

The American Enterprise

The Greening Earth Society which produces World Climate Report is probably the world's leading critic of the global warming nonsense. The chief editor of WCR is Professor Pat Michaels.

Worldnetdaily. A conservative alternative to the mainstream media. Run by professional journalists telling it as it is.

The Common Conservative. A web magazine featuring political commentary from the Republican and Libertarian perspective.

Jewish World Review. Conservative in outlook and takes a promarket line. Well worth reading.

Blue Eagle Commentary. Provides commentary and lists large number of well-known columnists, not all are American, and also a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

The Active Mind An Interdisciplinary Journal devoted to the articulation and exploration of the ideals of the Enlightenment- the ideals of individual liberty and rational inquiry

RANGE Magazine. An award-winning publication devoted to the issues that threaten the West. No stranger to controversy, RANGE is the leading forum for divergent viewpoints in the search for solutions that will halt the depletion of a national resource—the American cowboy. Also contains articles on green activism that are relevant to Australians who have suffered because of green zealotry.

Accuracy In the Media (AIM). This is a must for those who want to know how the US media really operates.

Still Waiting for Greenhouse. Strictly speaking this site is not a media publication. However, its vital importance is that it demonstrates that the Australian media has been lying to the public about the greenhouse hoax. A must for those who want the truth about so-called global warming.

Insight. Professional American magazine providing detailed articles on current events in the US from a conservative angle.

Reason Magazine. One of America's top free-market magazines with a very strong investigative bent.

Laissez Faire City Times. Another classical liberal magazine with a strong investigative bent and a loathing for humbug.

The Other Side of the News.

Enter Stage Right

Free Republic. This site has been a thorn in the side of the Clintons' political machine since for sometime. It has also given some of their media mates considerable heartburn.


Adams Report is produced by a battling New England grandmother from Main. Alarmed at the inroads the Left and the Greens were making, Mary Adams, standing alone, took them on and beat them. She became an inspiration to others and a centre of resistance. In 1978 she received the Rockefeller Award for Political Courage.

USConservative A hard hitting conservative magazine operating from Chicago.

Le Quebecois Libre is libertarian magazine produced in Montreal by Martin Masse. And yes, it does publish in English.

Right Magazinebrings you the latest headlines from various sources around the US and the globe that deal directly with your individual freedom's and rights. It also has one of the most comprehensive list's of conservative media sites on the web. In addition, Right has exclusive daily commentary giving you the Right perspectives on the news.

The Jolly Roger. Don't let the name fool you. This is a serious and very popular literary publication. Written with humour and zest it exposes the nonsense that passes for literary criticism. It has a particular loathing for deconstructionism — as do all sensible people.

Libertarian Alliance

Liberty Magazine

The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy

LibertyTree: Review and Catalogue

Institutes, organisations and societies

Free-Market Network. The online database of the international free-market movement.

Polyconomics. Here you will find Jude Wanniski's daily Memo on the Margin. These Memos are fast becoming a favourite among American political insiders. They expound on the political, economic and journalistic issues of the day.

The Supply-side University will answer any questions concerning supply-side economics. It will enlighten those who have been taught, especially in Australia, that supply-siders are spivs (hustlers).

Private Doctors of Australia. The philosophy espoused by the founding members was — and remains — that of free-market, Hippocratic and ethical practice.

The Adam Smith Club. A Melbourne-based dinner club dedicated to promoting Adam Smith's ideals and the benefits of free markets and liberty. It meets up to six times a year. Its guest speakers cover a wide range of topics of interest to supporters of the free society and economy.

Acton Institute

Centre for Independent Studies (Australian)

H.R. Nicholls Society (Australian)

Institute of Economic Affairs

Professor Pat Gunning's Austrian economics site

The Cato Institute

The Heritage Foundation

The Ludwig von Mises Institute

The Rutherford Institute

Independent Institute

The Friedrich Hayek Scholars' Page

Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education is a public charity dedicated to educating people about honest(gold-as-money) money.

The Idea Channel. Besides producing Milton Friedman's Free To Choose series, It has also videotaped conversations with Friedman, Friedrich von Hayek, Tibor Machan, Barbara Branden, Virginia Postrel, Charles Murray, Julian Simon, David Kelley, James Buchanan, and many many more. There is no charge to join.

Now for something different — very different

The Swedish Guttsta Wicked Cricket Club of Kolsva.

Other Sites of Interest

Georgia Politics. Run by John Perdue it will be of interest to those who would like to see how conservative politics is promoted in the US.

Prodos. Prodos has the distinction of being Australia's only laissez fair radio host (Melbourne 97.4 FM). Defends and promotes Individual rights and capitalism. He is also involved in the The Australian Prosperity Campaign.

The Energy Advocate. Produced by Dr. Professor Hayden (Professor of Physics, University of Connecticut) The Energy Advocate is a monthly newsletter dealing with energy issues. It make no apologies for being pro-science,pro-technology, pro-energy — and especially, pro-nuclear.

The Original Conservative Coffee Company. Aims to sell the very best micro-roasted coffee in the world to Americans that share the same conservative values that President Lincoln held. Nothing goes better around the political round table than The OriginalConservative Coffee Company. Despite its humorous approach, this is a serious company with clear political values.

The STRACHAN Report. Graham Strachan claims to support free markets. I disagree. Nevertheless, readers must decide for themselves. Incidentally, he is also promoting his book GLOBALISATION: Demise of the Australian Nation.

Libertarian Information Services. A Sydney-based libertarian site — and about time too. We could do with more of them.

Jason's freethinking polymath pages. Run by Jason Soon, a full time student at the University of Sydney Law School. He works part time as an Editorial Assistant at the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS).

Karen Selick's Home Page. Karen is a Canadian lawyer with strong classical liberal beliefs. She has written extensively and her site contains many article of interest.

Patrick Ruffini's America. A lively conservative page that pulls no punches.

Carolyn Gargaro's Web Site — home of a conservative female.

Welcome to Fort Freedom. Provides a number of articles from a brilliant newsletter called Access to Energy.

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. This remarkable institute is funded entirely by voluntary contributions and from the proceeds of its services. It has never asked government for a cent. Also produces the late Professor Beckmann's newsletter Access to Energy. A brilliant publication that has done much to expose green nonsense and humbuggery. .

The Holocaust History Project Homepage

Conservative Education Forum.

The "TAXCAP" Home Page

London School of Economics' Hayek Society 1998. Dedicated to reviving interest in the economic works of Hayek.

Queenslanders for Constitutional Monarchy

Conservative Site of The Day American conservative site. Recommended

Junk Science.Exposes phoney science and does it with humour. Highly recommended, especially to students and journalists.

Sustainability of Human Progress A scientist who unashamedly supports human progress.

Jack's Politic's Page: Conservative and Libertarian links

The Ronald Reagan Home Page

The Quotable Conservative: Giants of Conservatives on Liberty

People Eating Tasty Animals.

Australian Politics

Friend of the Future. Gives an insight into the parlous financial state of America's social security schemes and what it thinks needs to be done about them.

The Libertarian Web

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