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The 2011 H R Nicholls Society Conference will ask:
How Fair is Fair Work Australia?

The conference, to be held in Melbourne from 1-2 April, will highlight the growing problems with the Fair Work Australia legislation and regulations. Particular attention will be given to the apparent increase in interpretations of the arrangements favouring unions, who represent only a relatively small proportion of the work force; and how Prime Minister Gillard might achieve her stated aim of increasing the employment of 2 million at present judged by her as unemployed or underemployed.

Conference speakers will include The Hon. Eric Abetz, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace relations and Mr Peter Reith, who as Minister for Workplace Relations under the Howard Government was responsible for effecting a major reduction in labour market regulation and for playing a major role in reducing the major inefficiencies in the waterfront industry. The Society recognised this by awarding him the Charles Copeman Medal.

Other speakers will include the recently resigned Commissioner of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, Mr John Lloyd, who will address the question – “Building Industry – Can Thuggery be Contained?”  And Steven Kates from RMIT and Saul Eslake from the Grattan Institute.

Full details of the conference are set out here, together with a registration form that includes charges. A special sharply discounted student rate of $100 will apply for the entire conference, including both dinners. 

Des Moore

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