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Why No Dangerous Rise in Temperatures Threatens

Address to the Savage Club Monday Forum, 22 March 2010
By Des Moore

Following is a presentation on Why No Dangerous Rise in Temperatures Threatens, which I made today to the Savage Club Monday Forum. Some of the content you will already have seen but much of the first part of the presentation is new and summarises the large number of developments that have occurred in the last month or two.

These include the now numerous errors/faulty analyses that have emerged from analyses of and commentaries on IPCC reports (the attempt to say that these are limited to the “error” –it was intentional - on early meltings of Himalayan glaciers is total nonsense, of course). Importantly, there is now also an increasing likelihood that it will become established that there are serious defects in the surface temperature measurements that have been used and that these have exaggerated the rise in temperatures over the past century or so.

One response to this has been a series of “counter-attacks” falsely claiming that the basic science remains valid. One such response was the surprisingly weak “counter-attack” in the joint CSIRO/Bureau of Meteorology report on the State of the Climate, on which the presentation includes one or two comments.

Even though calls for independent inquiries have so far fallen on deaf ears, many more defects in analyses by the IPCC et al will very likely emerge in the not too distant future. This will make it increasingly difficult for governments and other experts (sic) to sustain the dangerous warming thesis that they have “locked into” their mindsets. As revealed by recent Pew polling in the US, only 36% of the public now believes that human activity has caused global warming. If that kind of polling spreads and is sustained, it will exert increasing pressure to “unlock” the now apparently “fixed” views.

Full article text as downloadable PDF

Below is a summary of the main points of the presentation.

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